The Most Beautiful Diamonds
Are Born In The USA


Our Company

We are third generation of jewelers based out of the heart of New York City’s Diamond District. We have taken the 75+ years of knowledge and experience and built a successful business with over 250+ jewelry stores nationwide carrying our product.

Every Lab created diamond and recycled gold/platinum goes through our rigorous quality inspection to ensure the highest caliber of craftsmanship.

Product Vision

Saving the earth one diamond at a time is our goal. It is estimated, one ton of earth must be removed for the production of a one carat mined diamond and twenty tons of earth to produce a ring from mined gold.

At American Grown Diamonds, we are proud to use products and methods which help minimize the damage and consequences that affect mother earth and our environment.

Customer Commitment

At American Grown Diamonds our customers always come first. We want to make every occasion stress free and enjoyable. We offer the convenience of shopping online or visiting our flagship store in Midtown Manhattan.